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our  Mission

BrazilBizz’s mission is to offer professional services to foreign companies wishing to engage in business relationships with Brazilian companies or wishing to establish a subsidiary in Brazil. With a team of experienced consultants, BrazilBizz is able to deliver tailor made services which prepare foreign companies to be successful in Brazil.

BrazilBizz mission is to enhance mutual comprehensiveness in joint ventures relationships and partnerships between foreign and Brazilian organizations. Since nourishing common interests is the basis for long term successful partnerships.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: very true for the Brazilian context.

BrazilBizz mission is to guide foreign companies with their first steps in Brazil so that they will be able to benefit from the myriad of opportunities the Brazilian market has to offer.


BrazilBizz is a Dutch business consulting firm focused on serving foreign clients with interests in the Brazilian markets. Our company is established in the City of São Paulo, in the largest financial and economic center of Brazil.

BrazilBizz started its operations in 1992 originally under the name BizzBrazil. In September 2017, our brand and logo were redefined with the strategic objectives of strengthening the identification of our company to foreign and Brazilian clients.

It has over 25 years of commitment and professional experience in supporting and representing clients with their business strategies focusing on entering the Brazilian and European markets.

As of the beginning our business philosophy was to offer services of the highest quality with experienced professionals and with highly competitive prices. This quality-experience binomial gives our customers a very attractive cost-benefit ratio.


BrazilBizz basically performs the following 4 main activities:

Match Making & Partner Searches

Market Research and Quick Scans

Brazilian Subsidiaries and Administration

Start-ups and specific projects

Access Latin America

BrazilBizz is ALA’s strategic partner in Brazil.

BrazilBizz is ALA’s strategic partner in Brazil. Access Latin America is a network of service companies with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Equador, Peru and The Netherlands.

ALA is specialized in market research, partner searches, match making projects and start-ups. Our officers have long standing experience in assisting foreign companies with their Latin American market approach. BrazilBizz has joined the ALA network in 2011.